Shorten Multiple URL’s at Once, Combine Them and Create a Guided Tour

Let’s say you want to shorten multiple URL’s in one go and don’t want to hit that bookmarklet or a browser add-on repeatedly. You may also like to create a relation between these shortened URL’s so that the readers can browse through the links one by one.

The above procedure has a couple of advantages:

  • You are helping the user to navigate quickly and thus saving his time.
  • The user does not have to open multiple browser tabs and he can load any of the URL’s from the same tab.
  • Your tweet or Facebook status update is clean from links, does not appear spammy and you save on the character limit.
  • helps immensely when you are showing a procedure or a step by step screenshot guide.

Meet is a free URL shortening service which does an awesome job of combining multiple links and shortening them all at once. Works quite simple – go to the website and enter all the URL’s one by one. Hit “Go” and the long URL’s will be shortened and combined into a single link ( see example )

When a user opens the shortened link, the result will be something as shown below:

The user can click the Next and previous buttons to browse through the links. also lets anyone track the pageviews of the shortened links and compare which shortened link received more visits.

This is very useful when you want to save time shortening links and clear the link clutter from your Twitter or Facebook status updates. You can also use this website to create a screenshot guided tour – just upload the screenshots to a free image hosting service, grab the URL’s and merge the links into one single link. Then send the link to a recepient and he/she can browse through the images one by one.

You would also love to check out our previous tutorials on shortened links. This includes creating password protected short URL’s, tracking your shortened links and installing a branded URL shortener in your own domain

To see in action, watch the screencast below:


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