Show Android Screen On PC, Without Rooting Your Device!

For many of us, our smartphone means the world. You do everything in it. And, without a doubt, Android powered devices have taken the world by storm. This platform independent operating system has been outnumbering other competitors by a huge margin. Android powered devices are ruling the Tech realm, for sure. And with the advent of this new lineup of Android powered devices, new requirements have been cropping up, every single day. Sharing the Android screen on PC is of the them.

You may want to share your Android screen on PC, if:

Usually, to use the device and get in full control of it, you need to have root level privileges in your phone. That means, your phone has to be rooted. However, if you root your phone, there is a very good possibility of voiding the warranty of your new phone. Addition to this, you may get your device bricked.

Here, in this tutorial, we will show you steps to share Android screen on PC without rooting the device. Follow on:

Share your Android screen on PC with Droid@screen

1. First, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed in your machine. If not, download and update it from, here.

Update java - Show Android screen on PC

2. Download and install Android SDK for your operating system.

Download SDK - Show Android screen on PC

Install Android SDK - Show Android screen on PC

3. Download Droid@Screen from, here. Download the latest version.

Latest version download - Show Android screen on PC

4. Run the downloaded file.

Set Executable path - Show Android screen on PC

5. Click “ADB” from the menu and click “Executable ADB Path”. Navigate to sdk\platform-tools\ in the SDK manager installation directory and select “adb”. Click “Ok”.

adb path - Show Android screen on PC

6. In your Android device, navigate to “Settings” and enable “Developer options” and activate “USB debugging”.

USB debugging - Show Android device on PC

7. Connect your device to the PC. You will start seeing the Android screen on PC, now.

Show Android screen on PC


Droid@screen lets you share the display of your Android device, right from your desktop. It’s an easy and ideal solution for those looking to share Android screen on PC without much of a complication. This app also let’s your record the screen, take snapshot, zoom in or zoom out the device display. However, the FPS is low and can’t be extended. Still, Droid@screen is one of the best and free apps around that could let you share/record your Android screen on PC.