How to Show Custom Message on Mac Lock Screen

If you are a Mac user, you might have seen the neat and clean Lock screen of your Mac. You can find only couple of stuffs including time, password box, power buttons etc. on lock screen. But do you know that you can easily add custom text message on the lock screen?

If you use Windows and Mac simultaneously, you might have seen that Windows lets you add custom message on the lock screen. That is pretty easy to setup everything in Windows. However, this is even easier than Windows to add a text message on Mac lock screen.

Suppose, you are a multi-PC user and forget important notes frequently. On the other hand, you have to do something just after turning on your Mac. At such moment, either you can set a reminder using any third party software or you can make use of this useful Mac feature. If you use any third party reminder, you will be notified at predefined time. It won’t check whether you are opening your Mac or not. But if you use this in-built reminder of Mac, you would be notified every time you sign in to your Mac.

On Mac, you can do everything in a different way. For instance, if you would like to rotate internet wallpapers in Mac desktop, you can easily do so. I just want to mean, everything is different in Mac. Therefore, the way to add custom message on lock screen is also pretty different but very easy.

How to add custom text message on Mac lock screen?

At first open your System Preferences.

System Preferences  in Mac

Then navigate to Security & Privacy.

Security and Privacy in Mac

After that, tick on Show a message when the screen is locked and Set Lock Message respectively.

Show Message on Lock Screen

[You may have to enter your password in order to make any change]

Therefore, start writing your lock screen message.

Write Lock Screen Message

The message will be shown every time on your lock screen. Check the following picture to get a reference;

Set Custom Text Message in Mac

Hope this tiny trick will help you to remind your important task.


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