Show All Toolbars in Firefox Full Screen Mode – About Config Trick

Previously, we have mentioned some Firefox toolbar tricks. The first one is to add multiple rows in Firefox bookmarks toolbar for more space while the second one is about auto hiding the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox, when not in use.

The problem with Firefox full screen mode (F11) is that the toolbars are hidden which makes no sense at all. Agree, you get a complete view of a webpage in Firefox full screen mode but you may want to see the navigational bar and the address bar as well. This is required in case you want to hit the back button or manually type in a URL of another website.

Normally, you have to exit the full screen mode and then type the address of a URL and then revert to the full screen mode, which makes web browsing a little more time consuming. The toolbars are shown whenever you hover the cursor at the top of the screen, however novice users may find the interface a bit annoying. However, here is an about config trick which will let you show all toolbars in Firefox full screen mode by default (except the bookmarks toolbar):

1. Type about:config in the address bar and hit ” I will be careful, I promise”.

2. Enter browser.fullscreen.autohide in the “Filter” text box, as shown below:

3. Double click the row to turn the value from “True” to “False”. You are done !

This will disable the auto hide feature of toolbars in Firefox full screen mode. Thanks Vishal


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