Capture Unlimited Photo on Your Android using Shutter

Right! I said “Unlimited”. That is not a mistake at all.

If you often capture photos of anything from your mobile what you see around yourself, you might have faced an issue i.e. not enough space to capture more photos.

That is a common problem of mobile photographers. Even I have faced it several times and those were the most grotesque moments for me. Sometime, I have missed a good shot because of low memory issue.

Now, the problem is solved.

Capture Unlimited Photo on Your Android using Shutter

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Have you heard about StreamNation? I think yes if you often make search for best and cheap cloud storage. Yes! StreamNation is such a great cloud storage, what offers a lot of free storage to stock your media files i.e. images, videos etc.

StremLine has their official iOS application to capture unlimited photos. The app is very popular and it is known as Shutter. Shutter for iOS lets you upload unlimited images and videos to your StreamNation account automatically.

All you have to do is purchase unlimited storage from StreamNation. After signing up, you will get 10GB of free storage that can be expanded to more by sharing, uploading and bringing more users.

In a simple line, StreamNation is something what every mobile photographers need.

Anyway, the good news is now Shutter is available for Android. That means, what was available for only iOS users, is now obtainable for Android users too.

Let’s get started with Shutter for Android

If you do not have any StreamNation account, head over to the official website and create a free account right now. After that, download Shutter app on your Android device. Make sure, you have Android 4.1+ device.

After downloading the app, you have to sign in to Shutter for Android using StreamNation credentials.

Shutter Start Screen

The first thing is visual design, which is quite good. Actually, Shutter does not have any other features except capture and upload. To capture any photo or record any video, just use your rear or front camera and capture as many images as you want or record as long video as you want.

Capture Photo using Shutter

But before doing all these things, you should make sure if you have much StreamNation memory or not.

Generally, Shutter will upload your photos to your StreanNation account and delete that from phone memory after uploading.

Upload Dialogue for Shutter

However, if you want to move any photo, just open that inside Shutter Gallery and tap on Options. Therefore, select a place and move your file.

Move Screenshot to StreamNation

By default, all your photos will be saved privately. If you want to share any image or video, just tap on Share icon and select the medium by which you want to share that.

Share through Shutter

You can also share with your StreamNation friends.

Shutter is an easy to use camera app for Android. Hoe you will love to use it.

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