How to Sign out Remotely from Gmail and All Google Accounts

This article heading seems awkward. Right? How to sign out remotely from Gmail? Why this is needed at all? Your questions are fair and justified. 200%.

Just consider a situation that, last night when you were partying on your friend’s home, you just signed in to your personal Gmail account from his laptop to check an important email. You came back to your home after the party, thinking that you all had a great party.

Suddenly, like an awkward lightening an incident appears in your mind this morning. Did I sign out from my Gmail account? You are not sure and this condition could have been true for me also. This funny yet damn serious thing happens to everyone. We forget and this proves that we are human beings, not a machine.

So, how to sign out remotely from Gmail now seems to be a real and extremely valid question. Right? Here is how you do this,

First, simply log in to your Gmail account. On the inbox scroll down to the bottom and on the right side you will find two options namely, ‘Last account activity’ and ‘details’. The screenshot under can depict things better. sign-out-remotely-from-gmail-options If you click on ‘details’, you will be guided to a window where you will get to see last ten accesses to your Gmail account, also with other needful information. sign-out-remotely-from-Gmail-activity On the newly opened window you will get not only your last ten accesses but also some added information like from which type of browser it was accessed, the exact time of every log-in and their IP addresses. You will also get to see whether it was accessed from a mobile device or using a POP3 service.

Under the ‘Location/IP address’ tab you can see from which corner of this planet your Gmail account was accessed with the exact IP addresses associated with each place(Country & State). Each of These places should be known to you as it’s only you who have the access to your personal Gmail account.

Not you? Then for sure that someone is accessing your account that you had left opened and forgot to sign out. You are in a great problem. Thankfully, you can sign out remotely from Gmail. On the same last window that we are discussing, i.e, same as the last screenshot of my personal Gmail account activity above, look at the top left corner saying, ‘This account does not seem to be open in any other location’. That means my account is not open in any other location except this laptop currently, on which I am writing this article.

Now, if your account is left open in any other devices you will get a option namely, ‘Sign out from all other sessions’ on the same place on the same window to sign out remotely from Gmail account of yours. Just click on it to sign out remotely. Done? You are safe now. Clicking that button will make sure that, all your previous Gmail and Google Apps sessions are successfully logged out, leaving you logged in to the current device only.

Want to get alerted for any unusual activities on your account? You can also set it from here. Just come down to the bottom left corner of the window. You will get a link to set it. Smart. Right?

If you want security, I will strongly recommend you to sign out every single time from Gmail or other Google apps account you use before finally closing your browser. Your Gmail account contains a heap of your important personal data. Every last scratch of this data is crucial and the best person to secure it is you.

Feel free to share your ideas on this article with us. You are always welcome.

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