Zen: Distraction Free Writing Environment For WordPress

The post writing panel of WordPress isn’t very user friendly. There are lots of options, menus, widgets which may take the focus away while you are writing posts. Here is a WordPress plugin which provides a distracting free writing environment.

You may be comfortable with the writing environment in WordPress, but ask a friend or a non blogger to write something in the post panel. I am sure the person will stare at the screen for some minutes before he actually starts to write.

Zen strips off all the unnecessary options from the post writing panel and lets you write the post in a clutter free interface. You can write posts, save it as draft and publish from the Zen UI. Here is how Zen looks:

Download Zen. (or search for “Zen” under plugins option within WordPress panel)

After you have activated the plugin, go to your profile page and select the checkbox “Always open in Zen mode“. Next, choose a theme  and hit “Save changes” to activate Zen.

Zen comes in 5 different themes and you can choose a theme which suits your style – Light, dark, Papyrus, Papyrus lite and Terminal. You can use keyboard shortcuts with Zen which makes it so easy to use.

  • Z – Start Zen.
  • T- Switch Themes
  • Q- Quit Zen

One can say “Why not use the maximized mode for writing posts ?”. Sure, maximizing the editor removes the widgets and links but you can not save a post as draft or publish a post from the maximized mode.

Also, there are a whole lot of buttons in the maximized mode, which is why I don’t use it at all. I agree that the buttons are useful and serve a purpose but if you are a firm believer of keeping things simple – Zen is the answer.

Tip: If you have novice contributors who are not really familiar with the WordPress administration area, it would be a good idea to use Zen.


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