Simple Trick to Perform Site Specific Search On Google

The site: query at Google lets you search any website or blog without opening it. The idea here is that when you perform a search using the site search operator, Google will show only results from a specific domain on it’s search result pages.

This is very useful when you want to use Google as a central place to search any website or a group of sites. There is no need to open multiple blogs, news sources, forums and clutter your browser’s tab bar.

If the site operator seems very long, you can use another simple trick to perform a site specific search at Google.

Just type Search query at and Google will return the results from the specific domain on top of the search results. Here is an example:

Perform a Site Specific Search Using Google's "at" Search Operator

Example: If you want to search for “Indian colleges” at Wikipedia website, go to Google and type Indian Colleges at in the Google search box. The search results will then contain links to relevant pages on the website

The Advantages of Google’s Site specific search

Google’s site specific search is very useful for the following reasons:

– A user can find content from any website, forum,blog directly from Google. He does not have to open multiple  browser tabs or navigate to each website and then perform an internal search manually.

– It’s much more easier to filter results from a wide variety of sources and find content from a single domain.

– In addition to the site specific results, the user is also shown the normal web links so that he can choose to browse other websites if the content does not appear relevant and interesting.

Tip: How to create a site search Bookmarklet for your blog or website

Via Google Webmaster central blog


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