Skype 5.2 for Android allows you to share Photos with Offline Contacts

Skype is well known for everyone and it is making good progress on Android. Many of use it for video calls, photo sharing and many more. In present days, most of the HR Interviews are being conducted on Skype. Skype users on Android are sharing photos of their valuable moments, cute babies, selfies and many more. Normally, when you want to share photos with your loved ones, they need to be online. But, not Skype 5.2 for Android has made it easy to share photos with your contacts even when they are offline.

Skype for Android

Share photos with your contacts even when they are offline

Now, you can send photos to your contacts even when they are offline. It is not necessary that, your contacts need to be online to share photos. Now, you can send photos at your convenient even when they are offline or online. When your contacts come online, they will receive all the shared photos in the chat history beautifully lined up and they can go through each and every photo. You need not to be online to receive photos by the receiver.

Share photos with offline

Tom Huang mentioned in the Official blog of Skype as,

With this update, you can now send photos to your Skype contacts at a time that’s convenient for you, regardless of your contacts’ online status. When they are back on Skype, photos you shared show up beautifully inline in the chat history, whether or not you’re online – allowing you to easily carry on the conversation“.

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Some more features in Skype 5.2 for Android

Apart from this photo sharing update, Skype 5.2 has got three new features or enhancements for Android users.

  1. Now, you can continue with the video call, even you move to some other application. This is really a good step with Skype 5.2 for Android.
  2. Skype 5.2 has improved the call quality even on the lower bandwidths.
  3. Open the chat very fast, especially when open from notifications bar.

You can get Skype 5.2 from Play store for Android.

These are some of the features associated with Skype 5.2 for Android and the most important feature is allowing you to share photos with offline contacts which were already available with Line, WhatsApp, BBM and more messaging apps. Now, Skype also joined the list.

Skype expects your feedback, so that Microsoft can add many features as requested by the user and it can make some enhancements. So, you are requested to share your views through Skype Community. If you have anything to add, please, do share with us through comments.


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