A Portable Solution To Update Drivers For Windows XP, Vista and 7

An updated driver lessens the chance of errors encountered if not totally negating them. SlimDrivers is one such portable tool that can scan your PC for outdated drivers and find available updates for them at the same time.

Running A Free Scan For Outdated Drivers And Installing Them

1. Download the tool. Since the application is portable, you’ll not need any installation. So you can start the tool right away.

2. Click the button “Scan Now” to start scanning for outdated drivers.

3. Once the scanning is complete, the tool will display how many updates are necessary and available. You can ignore any available update. However, for better system performance, its recommended to download all of them.

4. Now since this is the free version, you have to manually download and install the available updates one by one. Clicking the “Download Update” option (to the right of every found update) will download the driver update and invoke the installer for you to carry on installing the update on your computer.

Backup Drivers:

Use the Backup button from the top menu of the app window, choose the drivers you wish to backup and hit the Backup button at the bottom. Now all the selected drivers will be backed up in the default backup folder. Or you can also use the Backup To… button to choose the folder where the backup files will be saved. You can also change the default backup folder from Options > Backup.

Restore Drivers To Previous State:

If any update is causing you trouble, you can easily revert back to previous system settings for drivers. So, it is highly recommended that you always create a backup for the present drivers before scanning or installing the available updates for the outdated drivers. To restore the drivers to previous state, use the Restore option from the top menu.

Once the restore window opens, you’ll be shown the backups from the default backup folder. Select any state and press the button Restore. However, you can also use the Restore From… button to locate driver backups if they were saved to a different location on your hard drive.

Play around with the tool options to unleash its full power. You can schedule updates, start the app as Windows starts and tweak lot more things to suite your needs.

The tool is an obvious choice for any user who really wants to stay out of PC errors due to outdated drivers. The update database worked good enough for me and promises to provide support for devices from most manufacturers. However downloading multiple updates and installing them manually one at a time is quite painful, but then, that is the price you have to pay for staying free.

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