Things You Won’t Believe Smart Light Bulbs Will Do Soon

We always talk about how things are going to be in the future. Newsflash. The future is already here. A Shangai based company known as Sengled has unveiled smart light bulbs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is a popular international trade show where numerous companies showcase their latest technologies that are generally groundbreaking. And Sengled has done just that. With their new line of app powered smart lighbulbs, mere illuminating bulbs are a thing of the past. This year will be known as the year when the revolution starts. Welcome to the future. The following are the line of smart lightbulbs the company plans to release later this year.


The most popular unveiling from the company, Snap is the LED smart light bulb that is accompanied by a built in security camera system, microphone to record voices, video recording, support for motion detection, in built speakers and even facial recognition. Therefore basically, it is your security guard when you are away from home. You can keep a tab on all these functions and use them while you are way with the help of the apps that will be released with them. Like for example, if you are unavailable in town and the motion sensors detect some activity in your home, you can enable the video recording system through the app while you dial the police. It was revealed that the smart-bulb will cost about $199.99 when released.



Boost is another LED smart light bulb from Sengled that has the functionality to boost your wifi connection to your whole house. It acts an amplifier to your Internet connection for areas of your house that get weak signals. It has a built in wifi repeater for the purpose. Boost will cost you $50 each to install.



Tailor made for music lovers, Pulse is a smart light bulb that has powerful JBL multi channel speakers. And of course these speakers are wireless too. You can take your music fad to the next level with these for a price of $169.99 (talking about next level, also those parties).

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Solo smart light bulb is a toned down version of Pulse that come with two 3-watt bluetooth enabled speakers. At a price of $59.99, they are more affordable for people who want to use multiple smart light bulbs for both illuminative or decorative purposes.



All of these smart light bulbs are already compatible with the sockets at your home so you don’t need to worry about that. There will be specific android and iOS apps released for each version of the bulbs and like any other normal bulbs, these too will eventually burn out. According to the company, they expect a life of 25,000 hours after which the bulbs will have to be replaced. Tell us what you think about the growth of technology in this sector with your comments.

Images Source – Sengled

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