How to Solve USB Device Not Recognized on Windows 7/8/8.1

“USB Device Not Recognized” is a common but irritating issue for Windows users. Quite a few occasions, when we insert USB device in a USB port, Windows shows up an error message. Due to malfunctioning of driver installation, Windows can’t detect external USB device i.e. Flash drive, Digital Camera, smartphone, mouse, etc. As a result of it you can’t connect the device with your Windows PC.


The problem, sometimes can be recovered by reinserting the USB device. But, if the error message re-appears, how would you solve it?

Procedure 1:

If, you are a laptop or a PC user then you should disconnect the USB first, then, power off the Laptop/PC and remove the power connection and wait for 15 minutes.

Then, turn on your PC and insert USB device.

Hopefully, that will work fine and detect the USB device.

But it is not always possible to disconnect power from motherboard. So, we, here talk about different effective procedure to fix ‘USB Device not recognized’ problem.

Procedure 2:

From the Windows start menu go to ‘Run’, type devmgmt.msc and press enter. This will open Device Manager page.

Select your computer and right-click on it. Select ‘Scan for hardware changes’.


If your Windows can’t recognize your USB device, Windows shows the device as an unknown device. ‘Scan for hardware changes’ option let Windows solve the issue automatically for you.

However, if this method will fail to solve your problem then you can try for more alternatives.

Procedure 3:

Open Windows ‘device manager’ and you will see ‘Unknown device’ in the list.

Double click in it to open properties.

Select ‘Driver’ tab from there. Choose ‘Update Driver’.


This will update the driver software for this device if available. Working Internet connection is necessary for this update procedure.

Final Words:

‘USB device not recognized’ is a problem that associates to motherboard of PC. So, our actual motto is to disconnect the power supply of the USB device and reconnect it, so that, it could functioning properly. Sometimes, due to serious problem of your motherboard or due to USB device problem, you will be unable to fix the error message. You have to contact PC hardware support center if above methods will not work for you.


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