How to Quickly and Easily Sort Columns in Excel

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One thing every Excel user will need to do at some time is to sort values in an excel spreadsheet or column. People often think it is more difficult than it needs to be. In this article you will see just how easy and flexible sorting your Excel spreadsheets can be.

Example Of Sorting Values In An Excel Columns

In this example we have an inventory list of laboratory equipment. You might want to see the list in alphabetical order, sort by cost or see which items we are running out of.

What we would like ideally is to be able to click on the columns and sort any time you want to.


How to Sort Excel Columns

1. Select cells you wish to sort (making the column labels the first row of the selection).

2. In the Data tab, click Filter to add sorting arrow buttons to the column headers.

column-headers3. Click the arrow for the column you want to sort.
4. Click “A to Z” to sort in ascending order or “Z to A” for descending.

5. Browse your spreadsheet in the new order!


As you can see, this approach allows you to sort and resort any way you wish, plus all the related data stays together rather than sorting one column only and losing the other information in the sort.

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