Speed Up Firefox 4 By Disabling Tab Animations

Firefox 4 is one of the best browsers you can use. Its customization features and usability make it second to none in the world of internet clients. The major complaint is that it is not as fast as Google Chrome.

One simple trick you can do to make Firefox 4 faster is to disable the tab animations. The only downside to doing this is that you lose some for the eye candy that Firefox 4 is now known for. If speed is your goal, however, I suggest you do this immediately.

How To Disable Firefox 4’s Tab Animations

1. Type ‘about:config’ into your Firefox address bar. When greeted with this screen, simple click the button that says I’ll be careful, I promise!

2. Type ‘browser.tabs.animate’ into the Filter bar towards the top of the window.

3. Double click the word true under Value to change the value to false. Now close the tab.

Faster Firefox Browsing Without Tab Animations

After closing the ‘about:config’ tab, you will have already enabled the change. if you ever wanted to turn the animations back on, you can simply follow these steps but change the value to true.

I personally see a difference in the time it takes for a tab to load with the animations off. I am not sure if it is placebo or not, but if it feels faster then I am happy.

If you have any questions or comments, or have an idea on how to further speed up Firefox 4, please let us know by saying so in the section below.


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