Split Browser Windows into Multiple Areas : Firefox and Chrome

The Browser Window in Firefox and Chrome can be Split into Multiple areas.This can be Useful if you want to quickly compare two Webpage or Write Something by taking reference from the other.

Simple Bookmarklet : Drag and Drop the following bookmarklet in your browser bookmarks toolbar.

Chrome Dual View

When clicked,the bookmarklet asks you the address of the URL’s that Needs to be loaded into the Split windows.Hit the back Button and the Window regains its original window.

The Bookmarklet was originally developed for Splitting Chrome but it Works with Firefox as well.( It worked for me in IE7 as well)

Firefox plugin : Split Firefox can Split the Firefox screen into Multiple areas.You can Split a Window to Left,Right top or Bottom (Unlike the Bookmarklet that splits only Vertically).If you have a large Number of tabs open You can Tile all the open tabs Horizontally or Vertically with One Click.

While browsing the Web You can load any link or Bookmark into a Split window from the Context menu as shown.The original window will keep using the main Firefox address bar, the bookmarks and status bar while the new windows that share the screen will only use their designated area and a custom address bar.

You can gather all the Split windows as tabs any time from the context menu.

How Split Firefox can be useful ?

Reply to long Emails while reading it : You have to reply to a long email.If you Don’t use a desktop client to reply to emails and use the Browser instead it can be irritating .Because you have to read the email ,Scroll down Type your message ,read again likewise.

But Split Firefox makes it simple.Just Split your Inbox into two Horizontal windows and type your reply while reading the email in the upper window.

Redesigning your Site ? Track the Changes as they happen : I use the Firebug Plugin whenever i am designing Some webpage. So when I check the source codes , CSS and make necessary changes i do not Switch to a tab and reload the page. Using SplitFox I See the changes in the same tab as they Happen.

Keep an Eye on a video : You are watching a Video online but Wish to Skip the Boring Intro portion .So let the video load in a Split Window and continue Browsing.This helps you to keep an Eye on the video while doing your work on the same tab.

Compare images or Documents,Excel Sheets : Split Firefox is Ideal for Comparing Online Spreadsheets or Charts.i will tell you a Secret : I compare my Google-Analytics reports on Split-windows Its highly productive.

Do you Use Split Firefox ? Please share your Ideas with us


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