A WordPress Plugin To Split Test Post Headlines And Increase Conversions

Split testing or A/B Testing is a method where you compare a base sample with another test sample, changing one specific variable inside it.

For example: You can split test the position of the email subscription form and test which position brings the maximum subscribers. Put the subscription form on the header for one week, track results and then put the subscription form on the top of the sidebar. [ Related: Adsense Split testing guide]

The same principle applies to other elements of your website, one of the very critical being the headline of your next blog post.

Reports show that split testing the headlines of your website can lead to as much as 122 % more conversion rates. Popular blogs ( e.g Huffington post) use different combination of headlines to see which of them receives more click throughs, conversions and so on.

If  your blog is hosted on WordPress and you want to test different headlines for your blog posts, here is a plugin worth installing.

The Headline Split Tester WordPress plugin allows you to have two competing headlines for blog posts. They are randomly shown to different readers or visitors until one headline receives more impressions and wins.

After the plugin is installed, you will see a new widget in the ‘Write post” panel as shown below:

Simply enter an alternate post headline and the plugin gets into work.  The main title of your blog post will be randomly altered with the second headline and the plugin will check which of these two headlines receive maximum page views. The title which gets maximum hits is declared the winner and hence gets the permanent position as Post title.

This is quite useful – you can test different post titles without having to manually change them over and over again. It would be even better if you can experiment with different headline combination and track which title gets the maximum click through or page views.


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