SpyDetect: Free Tool to Detect Spyware in Windows

Security is the main concern for all types of people. Those, who know about some this are also not safe since computer security is not set and relax process. You should definitely keep using spyware detector or malware detector along with antivirus. Otherwise, your antivirus or any other malware detector cannot detect all the malicious stuffs in your PC.

Some people often get stuck and think this is a regular process or due to low end hardware. But, that is not actually true. Sometime, some spyware or malware does that thing behind the scene. Although, there are so many antiviruses available for Windows, but, you should get only a good one. Do not compromise with PC security tool. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.

SpyDetect: Free Tool to Detect Spyware in Windows

Everyday a new security flaw is being disclosed by attackers. Therefore, this is very important to update your antivirus database every now and then. In the present days, spyware has become an exterminatory threat for all people. Attackers can attack on your anytime using spyware. This is very easy to steal your passwords using spyware and keyloggers. You cannot detect them because they are invisible and cannot be found in Task Manager as well.

This is where spyware detectors come in. Although, some enterprise grade antivirus has similar feature, yet, a dedicated spyware detector is always better. If you do not want to spend money on a dedicated spyware detector, you can simply opt for SpyDetect, which is completely free and easy to use. It comes with only one option and two features.

SpyDetect is a free and portable software that is available for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10. You can download this tool for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. SpyDetect does two different things.

  1. It looks for spyware. You can check whether any keylogger is installed in your PC or not.
  2. It will check whether any steps recorder or processor recorder is spying on your or not.

These two things are very important and you can always check these things. Attackers can use spyware to know your password. On the other hand, SpyDetect checks whether any process is running in the background to monitor your windows or not. This is also very important for security.

How to use SpyDetect?

This is easy to use and not much time consuming. As this is portable, there is no need to install it. Anyway, download SpyDetect from here. You should download according to your machine architecture. After opening it, you will get a window like this,

SpyDetect for Windows

Now, click on Check Now. Within a few couple moments, you will get the first result like this,

SpyDetect Spy Result

After 1 minute, you will get another result like this,

SpyDetect Monitor Result

After getting the first result, do not click on any other window. Otherwise, the timer will be stopped automatically. Your window needs to be active all the time during the scan.

What do you think about this software? Is it useful for you?

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