Stand Bye: Best Software to Setup Standby in Windows

No matter what platform of computer you use, but you will definitely get a power option called StandBy. Although, there are few other options like Hibernate, Sleep etc. but most of the people use StandBy to save power. Although, StandBy doesn’t do anything major on desktop computer but this is a very useful option for laptop users.

StandBy helps users to save a lot of power by putting their computer in such a state, where PC uses minimum power to run various background processes. Hibernate may take a few seconds to turn on the PC but StandBy doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to wake up. Whenever, you are running out of battery and you want to get more time to run your laptop, StandBy is the option you should use if you need to run program simultaneously.

This is always a good practice to use StandBy mode when you are not using your computer but you have to turn it on. However, Windows PC allows users to turn off the display and put the PC in Sleep but there is almost no option to do the same automatically. You have to use the Power Options manually in order to put your computer in StandBy mode.


To solve this problem, here is a simple solution. Actually, here is a tool that will let you setup StandBy in Windows with ease. You do not have do anything big. All you need to do is just setup this tool according to your requirements. This is called Stand Bye.

Stand Bye: Best Software to Setup Standby in Windows

Stand Bye is a free software available for Windows 7 and later version. Although, the official download page has not mentioned anything about the compatibility but it seems you should have Windows 7 or later version. However, you also need .NET Framework installed on your Windows PC.

It has fewer options than any other similar tools. However, it works perfectly when you need to put your computer in StandBy automatically. Therefore, download and install Stand Bye on your Windows computer. You will get a window something like the following picture,

Stand Bye for Windows

Here you can set the time. You can set any minute and second here. However, if you do not do anything with your PC for that predefined time, your computer will turn on the StandBy mode automatically. However, it has another great option called Presentation Mode. When we need to show a presentation and explain everything according to the slides, it takes long sometime. To prevent your computer from turning on the StandBy at such moment, you can turn on the Presentation Mode that is available in Stand Bye tool.

That’s it! This is as easy as said. Hope it would be useful for you.

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