Start Internet Explorer without Addons or Active X Controls

The one problem with browser add-ons is that they slow down the browser heavily. While you can speed up Internet Explorer using some easy tweaks, but you don’t need those add-ons every time you browse the web.

One of the problems with Internet Explorer which might occur from time to time is that Internet Explorer starts but crashes immediately. Either you are shown a warning message like “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close” or Internet Explorer never starts at all. This may be caused by corrupted system files which are still loaded in system memory. You should first restart the computer and then check whether the problem persists or goes away.

If you repeatedly encounter problems starting Internet Explorer, one good idea would be to use the safe mode in Internet Explorer and start it without any add-ons or browser plugins. Here is an easy way to start Internet explorer without any add-ons or browser plugins.

1. Right click the Internet explorer icon from desktop and select “Start without add-ons”. If you can’t find the Internet Explorer icon on desktop, click Windows start menu, type Internet Explorer and then right click it to choose “Properties”.

2. Another way to do this is to go to Start > Accessories > System tools  and choose Internet Explorer (No add-ons)

This will disable all the browser extensions and Active X controls and start Internet Explorer in a no add-ons mode.

If you see that Internet Explorer is working smoothly after disabling all add-ons, browser plugins or extensions, be rest assured that the crashing was caused by any one or more of the extensions installed earlier. Remove the extension one by one and try to install the latest version of IE add-ons. That should fix the crashing problem of Internet Explorer.

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If reinstalling the add-ions did not help and you encounter the same problem, it can be that the main installation of Internet Explorer has been corrupted. In such situation, go to Windows Update and check whether your Operating system has all the latest updates and patches installed from Microsoft. If not, dwnload all the latest updates and securoty  fixes, restart your computer and check whether Internet Explorer works fine or not.

Note: We highly recommend using bookmarklets over add-ons. This is because bookmarklets do not consume excess CPU resources and you can use them from any browser you want.

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