Steam Cleaner: Delete Junk Files Made by Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GoG

Nowadays almost everyone is into gaming. It doesn’t matter whether the PC is running old Pentium processor or the latest version of i7 processor – everyone wants to be a gamer. When it comes to PC gaming, few things knock the mind. Those are Steam, Uplay, GoG, Origin, etc. They provide games from various resources. For example, Electronic Arts use Origin to distribute games. That is why you get Origin authentication before starting any EA Sports game. However, the problem is when you download or play any game through those mediums, they leave hundreds of junk files those may let your computer comparatively slower. The most junk files you have, the slower your computer is. Therefore, to solve this problem here is a simple app called Steam Cleaner that assists users to delete junk files left behind by Steam, Origin, Uplay and GoG.

Steam Cleaner: Delete Junk Files Made by Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GoG

Steam Cleaner is a free app, and there is no string attached. According to the developers, it doesn’t require any configuration or settings and that is entirely accurate. Also, you do not need to install it on your machine because Steam Cleaner is a portable tool available for Windows 7 and later version. The best part is it is an open-source tool. In other words, if you want to check the coding of this program, you can certainly find that on GitHub.

There are many other junk file removers available in the market, but Steam Cleaner is probably the best at its work since this is specific to a distinctive task. However, this is a disadvantage as well. Because you need more other third party tools if you want to erase junk files left behind by other tools such as Google Chrome, etc.

Steam Cleaner, the tiny program, can let you delete the cache made by any game those can be played through those clients. If you have installed any game using those tools, you would be able to delete the junk file using Steam Cleaner. This is the specialty of this tool.

To get started with this tool, at first download it. Download the .exe file so that you can run it right away. Like said before, there is no need to install it on your machine since this is a portable tool. Right after running it, it will scan the whole system to find out cache made by those aforementioned programs or PC gaming clients. Following that, you can get a list of such files. Just click on Trash Can button and select the affirmative option to get it done.


It takes only a few moments to remove all the files right from your system.

When you are not playing games on your computer, this is always a good idea to remove junk files those are left behind by those games or clients. It will aid you to get a better healthy computer.

If you like, you can download Steam Cleaner from here.


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