Step By Step Guide To Setup Find My iPhone

In present days, smart mobiles, tablets, iPad replaced desktop to the maximum. All the things which are done on desktop previously can be done on these smart devices in present days. Ranging from preparing a document, attending conference calls to saving important files are done through these devices. Then, it is must and should that we need to take care of privacy concerns.

Step By Step Guide To Setup Find My iPhone

What if these devices are lost? All the confidential is with these devices and that data will be in high risk. We need to protect our confidential data, even the device is lost. iPhone is the one which is mostly used by business professionals, so that they can do everything like sharing a presentation, attending conference calls, and many more through that. We already saw how to track lost mobile and erase data from them, but we need to set up that before going to find the device.

So, in this article, I would give you a step by step guide on how to set up Find My iPhone which helps you to track and find the lost iPhone. So, here we go!

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Step 1: Open Settings.

Click Settings

Step 2: Click on iCloud.

Click iCloud Click iCloud

Step 3: Click on Find My iPhone

Click Find My iPhone

Step 4: If you have not turned ON the Find My iPhone, then toggle it to turn ON.

Toggle Find My iPhone

Step 5: Now, tap on Privacy from Settings.

Click Privacy

Step 6: Tap on Location Services and toggle it to turn it ON.

Toggle Location Services

Step 7: Now, visit iCloud and login with your Apple account using Apple ID and password.

Sign in to iCloud Find My iPhone

Step 8: Click on Find My IPhone.

Find My Iphone

Step 9: Now, enter your password again to proceed to find your iPhone.


Step 10: All Devices option is shown when you are done with logging it. Click on it and it shows the list of iOS devices which are logged in with same credentials.

All Devices

Step 11: Green dot is shown when the device is online and a grey dot when the devices is offline. Time is also shown when the device was last found. See image in Step 10.

Step 12: Click on the device which you want to find and the location of your iPhone is shown on the map.

iPhone Found

Follow these steps to find your lost iPhone. From, now on you can track the iPhone even when it is lost. If you want to add any points to this, please do share with us through comments.


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