Stickered for Messenger Helps You to Add Stickers on Photos

This is the season of festivals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday has already gone and now its time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with friends, family and other relatives. Generally, the whole world will dive into the world of joy. In fact, most of the people have already started celebrating this festival session. We spend holidays with lovable people. However, sometime, we cannot do so due to some reasons.

Stickered for Messenger Helps You to Add Stickers on Photos

Facebook is the top most social networking website that is used by millions of people around the globe. Facebook, the social networking giant, has already developed and unveiled some useful application for Android and iOS. However, to help users in this festival session to celebrate it, Facebook is rolling out a brand new application for iOS and Android.

Facebook launches Stickered for Messenger today. Generally, people use different stickers and smileys in the Chat section. Tons of stickers/smileys are great to express something when you cannot do so with words.

Both platforms have their own awesome photo editors to add frame, sticker, effect and more. However, when send a photo to someone; usually you forget to add stickers. On the other hand, it takes much time to add stickers or any other effects on the image.

Deep Look Into Stickered for Messenger

Actually, this is an add-on for Facebook Messenger that will let you insert stickers on the images. This new app has option to send edited photos via Messenger directly. Just edit it in Stickered for Messenger and send it via Facebook Messenger. This is as simple as said.

The UI looks pretty cool and has fewer options. Almost all Facebook stickers are available to be included. You can use front or rear camera of your Android or iOS mobile to capture new photos. On the other hand, this is also possible to use existing images. Just tap on the gallery button and insert the desired image to start editing.


By default, Facebook shows a smiley. Nevertheless, you can add tons of other smileys or stickers. To do so, just tap on the Plus icon and choose a Sticker. You will get tons of other stickers by expanding (or, tapping on) the sticker.

Stickered-for-messenger Stickers'

If you have added a sticker mistakenly, just select that and hit the Trash icon. On the other hand, you can make your sticker larger, smaller, rotate and move by tapping and double finger gesture.

After completing your edit, just tap on the Messenger icon to send that to someone.

After that, you have to select a contact and send it. That’s all!

Hope this brand new application will help you to make fun a lot. Do let us know your view about this app.

➤ Download Stickered for Messenger: Android | iOS (Will be updated soon)

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