Stop Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection from Appearing in Rss Feed

If you use Windows Live writer for posting blog posts then you must have faced a very common problem. Whenever you refresh the theme of your blog from Windows Live writer a temporary post is created and deleted instantly. Now the problem lies in the fact that the temporary post used for theme detection is syndicated in the Rss feed.This looks bad and can be annoying to your readers.

Here is a screenshot of my Google reader feed which shows the “Temporary post for theme detection” being syndicated unnecessarily.

How to Remove Temporary Post for theme detection from appearing in Rss Feed

If you are on WordPress then use the Feed Pauser WordPress plugin. It allows you to delay a post from being published as a feed, thus making it unavailable in the RSS feed.


Now whenever you wish to refresh your Live writer theme just activate the feed pauser WordPress plugin, set a time (e.g 5 minutes) and then refresh your theme. A temporary post will be created by Windows Live writer but it won’t be shown in the Rss feed.

This plugin can be very useful at other times too. Sometimes you may wish to change the content of a post due to some grammatical mistakes or if you have posted a wrong link. After doing a final revision of the post you would like it to appear in the RSS feed and viewable by everyone. Feed pauser lets you do just that. And yes, it can also stop Windows live writer temporary post from appearing in the Rss feed.

For more information about the plugin, visit the Plugin project page.Thanks Keith


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