How To Stream Audio And Videos From Android To Your Desktop Computer

Consider this.

You have all the favorite songs and video clips stored on your Android device and you want an easy way to play these files on your computer, without having to copy the files from Android to the desktop computer over and over again. I prefer storing my media library, music, videos and movies on my Android because I can listen to songs while travelling and also play the videos on any computer.

The basic problem of carrying your entire media library on an Android SD card is that you can not play them on any computer, due to non availability of USB cable and proper drivers. Another problem is of course the tiny Android screen, which is not ideal for movies and music videos. So when you are at your desk, you want a super easy way to play video files from the Android phone to your computer, without having to transfer the file in the first place.

In this tutorial, we will explore some ways to stream audio and video files from Android to a PC, without using any USB cable or drivers at all.

Stream Audio And Video Files From Android to Desktop PC With VLC Direct

The VLC Direct app for Android offers an easy way to stream audio and video files from Android to computer and vice versa. If your desktop computer and the Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, this is the best way to stream music and videos from your Android phone to your desktop, without any manual file transfers. (related: stream audio and videos between two computers using Windows media player)

1. Once you have installed VLC Direct on your Android, run the VLC player application on your desktop computer and enable the web interface from “Settings >Add Interface > Web Interface”.

enable web interface in VLC media player

2. You are done with the desktop app, now return to the Android app, choose “automatic connection wizard” and tap the “Start” button.

stream media files from Android with VLC Direct

3. VLC Direct will scan for an output server and you will see a confirmation message “VLC found.configuration OK”.

VLC direct will automatically scan your entire SD card and it will categorize audio and video files under separate panes.Now simply select the target window at the left top corner, choose your file and enjoy the media streaming on your desktop.


The VLC direct application can stream avi, mp4, wmv, mpeg, wma, mkv and mp3 formats from your phone to your desktop computer. The free version of VLC direct is ad supported and video streaming is limited to a few minutes per media file with subtitles disabled. For a full featured video streaming experience, you should upgrade to the pro version here.

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