Stream Music From Multiple Computers Using Dropbox And Google Chrome

So you have multiple computers, each containing a few gigabytes of songs and music albums. You have always wondered how you can stream music from one computer to another without having to download them on the source computer.

You don’t want to recursively copy mp3 songs on a removable drive and carry it wherever you go. Instead, you are looking for an app which will let you listen to songs stored in your home computer as well as in the office laptop, from anywhere.

There is Zumocast – a wonderful application which lets you access files remotely from any computer having an active internet connection. But the disadvantage with Zumocast is that you have to download the songs in the host computer and then play it using any media player application like VLC, Windows Media player etc.

However, if you are a Dropbox user – here is a nice way to stream music from multiple computers to your mobile, laptop, iPod, iPhone or any other device with an internet connection.

1. First install the Dropbox Audio Player extension for Google Chrome in each computer where you would want to stream the music.

2. Install Dropbox on each computer and add all the MP3 files to your “My Dropbox” folder. Then sync the mp3’s from all your computers to your Dropbox account’s public folder (or to any other folder of your choice).

4. Now comes the real fun – open Google Chrome from any computer and login to your Dropbox account. If you are using a mobile or an iPhone, you may use

5. Open the public folder and click the mp3 song you want to listen. That’s it – the Google Chrome extension will start playing the song without downloading it to your computer.

Play MP3 songs from other computers using Dropbox
In normal situations, clicking an MP3 file from your Dropbox’s account would start downloading it to your computer. But with the Chrome extension installed, the song will be played directly from Google Chrome. Nice !

This is extremely useful because you can simply add all the music folders from your desktop or laptop and enjoy the music from other computers. One request to the developer – please add the option to create custom playlists. This will be a lifesaver

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