How to Subscribe to a Particular Category or Label of a Blog in WordPress and Blogger

Sometimes you may be interested in only specific topics or categories of a blog and would want to subscribe to posts of that particular category only. Here is a nice trick to subscribe to a particular category of a WordPress blog or to the label of a Blogger blog.

Subscribe to a particular category in WordPress

To subscribe to a particular category feed of a WordPress blog, all you have to do is add /feed after the category url.

For example, if you are interested in the “Internet” category of Ampercent, then you need to subscribe to in your feed reader.

However the same isn’t true for tags and author pages. You can’t subscribe to the posts of a particular author or tag of a WordPress blog (in general).

Subscribe to a Particular Label of a Blogger Blog

To subscribe to a specific label of a Blogger blog, just replace search/label/-/label-name with feeds/posts/default/-/label-name in the browser address bar.

For example, if the Url of the label page of the Blogger blog is

To subscribe to the above label you have to add the following link in your Rss reader

That’s about it. Now you can filter out categories of a blog and subscribe to only those posts that interest you.



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