Swipe Keyboard Apps For Android You Should Try

Messaging is the mainstream way to have a conversation these days. No one prefers to call much until its absolutely urgent or free. In the world of Whatsapp, Facebook and Hangouts, there is a call for efficient typing. And a sure way to be efficient is to pick up speed. These swipe keyboard apps have been developed keeping exactly this in mind. For people who don’t know what swipe keyboards are, they are simple keyboard apps that let you type a word simply by dragging your finger from letter to letter without picking it up. Such apps can increase your typing speed upto 10 times. The best swipe keyboad apps for android are –

Swype Keyboard


The app boasts to have set up a Guinness World Record by typing the fastest message ever recorded. It learns about your typing methods, growing with every message you type and prepares a personal language model. It also has a bilingual support where it lets you swype from two different languages at once. The best feature, like in many swipe apps, after constant usage it starts predicting the next word you write. Its that simple. The free version of the app currently offers a trial period of 30 days.

Download Swype Keyboard Free here



Now Swiftkey may not have set any records but it is the most popular keyboard app you can find out there. This may be due to the fact that it supports more than 80 languages. It also has predictive text but the feature of different themes for the keyboard makes it stand out. The support includes more than 800 emoji ( also with prediction that matches the tone of the sentence) and cloud connection through which you can save your writing style for use across various devices. SwiftKey is free with options of in app purchases.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji here

 SlideIT Keyboard


This is the second most popular keyboard app in the app store next to SwiftKey. It too has over 70 languages to choose from and customizable ‘skins’ as an analogy to the Swiftkey ‘themes’. Packed with similar swipe function and next word predictions, it also has an automatic mistype word correction function that adds another layer of feature. Like the Swype Keyboard, the trial version runs for 15 days after which it will ask you to shift to the premium version.

Download SlideIT Keyboard free version here



TouchPal is yet another popular keyboard with the word swipe function. In essence it is pretty much the same as SwiftKey above like incorporating themes and countless emojis. Even the business structure is identical with the app being free and counting on in-app purchases. But TouchPal has an additional feature of TouchPal Wave where you get word suggestions in a new way while typing through the letter. Suggested words will get popped up behind the letters they start with, based on entries of previous words. Like when you type “how are” , “you” will pop up behind the letter Y in the keyboard.

Download TouchPal here


All these swipe keyboard apps are the best in the market and also the most popular. As a bonus, you can also try an app called Minuum Keyboard. Although it does not have the swipe function yet, it is popular due to its unique keyboard size that is even less than half the space normal keyboards take. Try all these apps and tell us about the ones you found the best in the comment section below.



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