Sync Files And Folders Outside The My Dropbox Folder – Command Line Trick

Dropbox, one of the best multi platform file sharing and cloud backup program has a serious disadvantage. You can not sync files or folders outside your My Dropbox folder.

Let’s say you have installed Dropbox at C:\My Documents\MyDropbox and use this folder to sync important files and documents across multiple computers. So far so good, but you would also want to sync another folder stored in the D drive which contains a few MP3 files.

You don’t want to place a copy of the same folder in the “My Dropbox” folder, instead you want to sync the folder with Dropbox, directly from another windows partition.

Sure you can add multiple Dropbox installations as a workaround, but this command prompt trick will let you add any file or folder to the “MyDropbox” folder.

Here are the steps:

1. Type cmd in windows search box, right click and choose “Run as administrator”.

2. Enter the following command:

MKLINK /D “C:\MyDocuments\MyDropbox\new_folder” “D:\Path_To_new_folder”

So if your “My Dropbox” folder is located at D:\My Dropbox and you want to sync E:\songs with Dropbox, you will have to add the enter the following command:

MKLINK /D “D\MyDropbox\songs” “E:\songs”

Adding Synbolic Links in Windows

The above command adds a symbolic link of the folder to your My Dropbox folder. A Symbolic link is nothing but a special type of file that contains a reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path.

3. Now open your “My Dropbox” folder and you will see the symbolic link of the other folder, the one stored in your E Drive, as an example.

That’s it – now dump as many files or subfolders in the linked folder (e.g E:\songs) and all the files will automatically sync with your Dropbox account. You can even delete the symbolic link later, this will not delete the location or the content of the actual folder.

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