Siphon: Sync Firefox Addons Across Multiple Computers

Siphon is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that lets users sync installed add-ons across multiple computers. We have previously seen Firefox Sync to sync Firefox settings, history and bookmarks. Firefox 4 has even added the Firefox Sync add-on as a native feature. Siphon is also the same but in this case you can synchronize your add-ons.

This comes very handy for those who use multiple computers or multiple OS installations on the same computer. Go to the add-on download page and install the addon. Once the download is complete, restart your browser. The Siphon setup window will open automatically. If it does not, you can find a new icon in the bottom right corner of Firefox. Click the icon to open the configuration window.

Once the window opens, go to the Settings tab and setup a new account. Once you have entered the details, press the Sign Up button to sign up for a free account.

Now go to the Installer tab and select the add-ons you wish to sync and select Synchronize.

From now on, whenever you choose to synchronize the addons across other computer or OS installation, install Firefox and then Siphon on it. Start it, go to Settings tab and enter your existing account details and press Synchronize to sync the add-ons.

Synchronizing add-ons is a really nice feature that was missing in Firefox Sync. Let us know what you think about this addon.


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