Tab Management Made Easy with Tab Juggler for Chrome

Recently we posted various articles to make browsing pleasurable on the Google Chrome. Chrome, a great browser, can be enhanced with the help of extensions written by third-party developers. A number of extensions exist to deal with the problem of managing tabs. We have even covered a cool extension on managing 100s of tabs with the help of Tabs Outliner. Today we are going to see another great extension to quickly manage 100s of tabs in a go – Tab Juggler.

Tab Juggler - Option Pop Up

Tab Juggler is Tab Management extension meant for those heavy internet users who often end up managing through 100s of open tabs, figuring out which of them is useful and which of them need to be cleaned up. Some of the common things with such tabs are often that we open up several pages of the same website, for example having multiple facebook profiles of your friends open in different tabs, or more common scenario have multiple tabs open for different sections of a website like home page, about page, pages for articles alone in a blog, and so on. Also we have multiple tabs open that relate to the same topic, such as checking out reviews from different sites on a phone, research on doppler effect from sites like Wikipedia, university pages and so on. Tab Jugglers tackles these issues effectively with the nice extension.

Tab Juggler appears as an icon on the app toolbar next to the address bar in Google Chrome. On click, you are provided few options – You can bring all your tabs in different windows to under one window through “All Tabs in One Window Option”. Similarly you can choose to put all your tabs in separate windows.

One of the killer features is the ability to add filters to manage tabs. You can choose to group tabs based on the hostname, sort the tabs based on the hostname, title, or url. Tab Juggler lets you select tabs based on a filter of your choice through the search box. You can even check for case, search only in the current window. As you type, a list of tabs that match the filter show up. You can then choose to open these tabs in a new window or close them.

Tab Juggler Filter Options

In practice, Tab Juggler works like a charm. The filter by hostname, or even custom filters, work as advertised. With custom filters, Tab Juggler does a search on the page content too, so this will let you group those tabs that you have got through a google search. The handy features like putting all the tabs in a single window or close all the open tabs in other windows.

Tab Juggler is a great extension for those who suffer from the problem of managing 100s of open tabs. I find it particularly great in combination with another tab manager, Tabs Outliner. I can quickly arrange the common tabs in one window and then use Tabs Outliner to save and close these tabs for the future. It certainly is one of the great memory savers, considering that Chrome takes a huge chunk of the computer memory.

Sources: Tab Juggler

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