Tabbles : Organize Your Documents More Efficiently

How often does it happen that you face problems while categorizing files into different folders as there are many probabilities that those files can be grouped ? Lets say we have 5 files each related to some project you are working on for a customer say Joe. Well as you can see in the following image the files can be categorized in different categories.

Now lets say we will use Windows Explorer to categorize them i.e put them in folders of different names as per categories. As you may see, multiple instances of the same file needs to be created if all the proper categorizations need to be done. Well that’s a case of redundancy.

I know may be you are thinking of Windows 7 libraries. Well, I must then remind you of a simple fact that Windows 7 Libraries let you group and show the content of several folders at once. So in that case you get to see multiple instances of the same file since the basic categorization is still done using Windows Explorer that uses hierarchical folders.


This is when we need Tabbles, a clever file management system, that indexes files based on concepts that those files may be used for. It employs the technique of tagging and putting those files in virtual folders. You can later use tags to find them or rather use the virtual folders as well to see a group of files related by the same concept. [Download Tabbles]

If you are still in dark about the tool, here is a short video to introduce this tool more clearly:

The developers has other features like social tagging of files in later versions. This will surely help to collaborate while working in groups.

The tool has a free (installable and portable) version that unfortunately has a limit of 1000 files. But they have four different paid versions that has unlimited file support. Those are Student ($14.99), Home($29.99), Business($69.99) and Portable($29.99). You can know more about the paid versions in the product page. If you know any such tool please share with us.


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