Facebook Drops @ From Tagging Friends And Comment Replies

Facebook has been experimenting the use of “@” symbol in friend tagging and comment replies quite frequently.

Just two months back they introduced friend tagging in status updates and replying to specific friends in a conversation thread. To mention a specific friend in a comment or in a status update, all you have to do is use the “@” symbol and start typing the first few characters of your friend’s name. Facebook would then show suggestions from your friend list and you can tag multiple people in a matter of a few seconds.

Facebook friend tagging

A few weeks back, Facebook developers released an update to Facebook’s Android app which allowed users to tag  or mention friends in their status updates and comments, directly from the Android app. This is quite useful because you need not remember a particular friend’s Facebook vanity URL (see example). Not to forget that Facebook did released a minor update to their commenting system, making it real time on the news feed and also on your profile wall.

It looks like the developers at Facebook are done with the @ symbol.

Now you can tag your Facebook friends in status updates and comment replies without having to use the @ symbol at all. Simply type your status message or comment as you normally do and when you want to mention a friend in a status update, type in a few characters of his first name or last name in the proper sequence.


For example: If I want to tag Bibhas Chandra Debnath, typing Deb or Bib will show the tagging suggestions but typing chandra would not. This is because the new friend tagging system is case sensitive and won’t work if you mix up uppercase or lowercase letters present in the first, middle or last name of your Facebook friend.

Please note that if you want to quote or mention a fan page, you will still have to use the old @ symbol before the name of the fan page in question. I tested this feature with comment replies and status updates and they worked out fine. Thanks Debajyoti Das for the tip.

Following is a short video tutorial which shows how the newer Facebook friend tagging works:


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