Use Terminal Hacks On your Mac OS X For Cool tricks

Apple OS X is one of the best operating systems out there. It blends with beautiful hardware of Apple and provides awesome user experience on top of a trusted UNIX system. Talk about UNIX system, OS X provides some great tools for geeks and hackers alike that make Macbook pro their favorite systems. We have

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Kuvva automatically rotates high definition wallpaper in your Mac’s desktop

When it comes to desktop wallpapers, I am very picky. I just can’t work if I do not like the wallpaper on my desktop; I also have this habit of rotating wallpapers every few days, use a quotable or something close to design or typography. I don’t know whether this is wallpaper obsession or something

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Sync Folders On Mac or Windows PC With A Folder On Your Android Over Wi-Fi Network

Syncing files and folders between multiple desktops, mobile and tablet devices is an absolute pain. Thanks to file sync services such as Dropbox, Microsoft Live Skydrive and Google Drive, I can automatically backup and sync files, music, documents and folders between two computers. I use a laptop that runs on Windows 8 while lately I

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