Want To Test Drive a Chrome OS Notebook? Apply Through The Pilot Program

Yesterday, Google,announced the launch of Chrome Web store as well as Chrome OS – Google’s very own operating system in the form of Chrome Netbook. Since Chrome OS is at it’s early development stages, the developers need feedback from users regarding the hardware, usages amongst other things.

So instead of selling pre beta computers that run on Chrome OS, Google has launched a Pilot Program to get free notebooks that run on Chrome OS. Google is giving away Chrome OS netbooks to developers, schools and businesses in the US but they soon plan to expand in other countries.

To participate in the Chrome OS pilot program you can either visit the Chrome OS notebook website or open up Google Chrome and click the link on the “New tab” page, as shown below:

Get a Free Chrome OS Netbook for Test drive

Google is giving away the Chrome OS Netbooks to let users test only the software, the netbooks do not carry stickers, logos or any other branding / promotional stuff. The specifications of Chrome OS netbooks are as follows:

  • 12.1 inch screen monitor
  • full sized keyboards and touchpads
  • integrated 3G from verizon
  • an approximate eight hours of battery life with an eight day of stand by time.

Since Chrome OS comletely relies onthe internet to work, there is nothing to setup, install. You can simply connect to the internet , sign in with your Google account and setup a brand new operating system – it takes less than a minute or so to get going.

Chrome notebooks will be available for sale from Acer and Samsung, in the first quarter of 2011.


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