Designing A Mobile App? Put It To Test With PlunkApp, Get Real User Feedbacks

With the advent of smarter operating systems, mobiles have emerged as one of the leading devices that has ousted several others in the race to survive. Be it a GPS, a camera or a palmtop, mobiles can mimic a tad of everything, or rather, most of anything handheld. Businesses and users alike, the small screen opens up possibilities once unthinkable. The industry promises a growth more than 60% in the next financial year. In this era, it demands a business to be more optimized for mobile interfaces.


Till date desktop based interface designers had a nice way to track the click maps to understand the interaction between the interface and the user. Plunk, from Zurb, is one such app presents a similar click analytics tool for mobile devices that helps designers take decisions based on actions and real user data.


Mobile versions of websites to native apps, anything that is designed to be used on a mobile device can take advantage of Plunk. All you need is a screenshot of the interface you are willing to test, share it with Plunk to let real users test mobile design, track the results and act accordingly.

Zurb has other popular apps like Verify, Solidify, Influence etc that aimed at tracking and analyzing mobile user responses to decide and optimize mobile interfaces for faster and better user experience. The new app only makes things easier as designers do not need to implement code changes to run the test and designers can beforehand test their design before delivering the final layout.


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