SpeechUtil Firefox Extension Lets You Convert Text To Speech In Firefox

Text to speech is in fact a very entertaining game, rather than useful in exact sense. You can install browser extensions or use online text to speech tools to listen word documents, blog posts, web pages or maybe that 960 word long article from your college journal.

Previously we have covered some online text to speech tools. My Personal favorite has been Text to Voice in Firefox which uses Voz.me to read out loud text from any webpage, so that you can listen to the text and write it down, record it or even download it as playable MP3’s.

Now here is another extension called SpeechUtil, which allows you to listen to text from webpages and record them in OGG format. Using the extension is pretty simple – install the extension, restart the browser and right click to select text from any webpage. Then hit the extension button from the right bottom corner of Firefox’s status bar and it’s done. The audio starts playing, grab a headphone or switch on the computer’s speaker and let your eyes relax a bit from the recursive reading sessions.

This quick video illustrates how the extension works:


What’s the advantage of text to speech? I hear you say.

Agree that the pronunciation is sometimes horrible and neither the word clarity is decent enough which makes it eligible for recording. But you don’t have a choice either, you have to rely on machine translations and machine conversion of text to audio, unless of course you are ready to take the plunge and record something with your own voice.

The extension does a fair job, just right click to select a portion of text from any webpage save to OGG and dump that audio in your MP3 player or iPod. Good companion for the morning Jog!

SpeechUtil is a free download, works wherever Firefox does. [ via snaphow ]


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