TextBlade – Professional Grade Touch and Type Tiny Keyboard For Your Smartphone

There are more than enough numbers of external keyboard docks available for tablets and smartphones. Some of them are only made for iOS platform and most of them supports Android and iOS both. There are many third-party keyboard apps which are made for Android devices. But use of an external dock rather than using built-in keyboard definitely gives a pleasant experience to smartphone users. TextBlade is such a brand new external keyboard from WayTools which fetches smart user’s attention as it gives professional grade typing experience.

TextBlade is as tiny as a pen and easily carriable along with any smartphone in a same pocket. It only costs $99 and one can type maximum 100 – 120 words per minute with this smart accessory. So, TextBlade is very helpful to enhance your productivity with smartphone. For using TextBlade you need to have an active blutooth 4.0 supported device.

If you need to type maximum numbers of texts, then TextBlade is the only solution for you. As it supports multi-touch functionality, so, you can type several letters with a single key . It gives almost same experience of typing as desktop keyboard. You need to place your fingers more cramped than usual. One, just need a little bit of practice to get maximum output from TextBlade.

Some Details of TextBlade from WayTools

TextBlade is a compact device that gives completely new type of touch-typing experience.

The typing experience of it is pretty familiar. It is totally different from regular qwerty keyboard as TexBlade sticks fast to same character mapping.


With a rock-solid grip you will get 19mm fingure spacing while typing.

There are only 8 ultra-smart keys that can represent total 70+ keys. And you will get the feeling of touch-screen while typing with a rubber-spring keyboard of TextBlade.

No chord is required to connect and run TextBlade. It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery which can be charged through a usb cable any time.

Some Features and Technical Specifications of TextBlade

  • Small in size (104mm x 30.6mm x 11.3mm)
  • Mechanical MagLever keys with full-size finger spacing.
  • Multi-layer and multi-touch key technology.
  • Magnetic self assembly with magnetic self-packing.
  • Feather weight (1.5 oz), tiny-sized and integrated cordless charger.
  • Supported OS: iOS 8, iOS 7, Android Lolipop, Android Kitkat.
  • Lithium polymer type battery gives one month support with a single charge.

Final Words:

According to CEO of WayTools – “TextBlade is an entirely new class of device that delivers professional-grade, familiar touch typing to any platform — from iPhones to iPads to Android — without compromising the size or feel of the tablet”.

TextBlade is undoubtedly a great dock to enhance your productivity with smartphone. It not only helps you type maximum words with your smart phone, but it gives a good battery life and one-year warranty so that one can use it without any headache.

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