ThickButtons Automatically Enlarges Next Word on Android and iOS

Are you fat? Do you have thick fingers? Don’t worry. ThickButtons keyboard is such a great third party keyboard app that is available on Android and iOS. You might have surprised after reading the news that ThickButtons is now available for iOS too. If you have made search for best third party keyboard replacement for Android, you might have got ThickButtons. However, the iOS version is recently launched by the developers.

Type Faster

iOS has a great feature that lets you type better and faster. iOS keyboard makes the next predictive word comparatively larger than other words to help thick fingers to type faster. This brilliant feature had been unavailable on Android. However, now, you can get better typing experience on Android as well as iOS with ThickButtons keyboard app.

This is a neat and clean native keyboard substitute that is available at free (Check below for price) of cost. At first, download it on your corresponding mobile phone. After that make ThickButtons as default keyboard app. Otherwise, you cannot use it indiscriminately.

How does ThickButtons work?

The entire workflow and aspect of ThickButtons is quite good and much prepossessing. As it comes with fewer ingredients, you do not have to spend a huge time to transact it in accordance with your requirements. All it does is it replaces your prevailing keyboard with a different type of keyboard that functions different.

The keyboard, on Android, looks something like the following picture:

ThickButton Typing Example

I just tried to write Keyboard using ThickButtons. After typing B of Keyboard, I got the following change in the keyboard.

After typing, O followed by B, it automatically changes itself to this:

ThickButton Example

So, this is ThickButtons and this is how it works on Android and iOS.


It contains only couple of useful features including the following:

It predicts the next word very diligently. This is where it outdoes. You can get the augmentation awfully fast. It also highlights words those are predicted. You can change the orientation and it works on both modes i.e. portrait and landscape. ThickButtons fits within each of them. It has numerous languages support. Apart from English, you can get Bulgarian, Danish, Butch and more other national languages in ThickButtons.


ThickButtons is available at free of cost for Android. But make sure that you have at least Android 2.2. On the other hand, the iPhone version costs only $1.99.


If you are fat, only you know how problematic it is to type the correct words incessantly with Android or iOS keyboard. ThickButtons is really helpful for them, who try to write faster after having thick fingers.


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