Top Three Apps to Customize Jailbroken iOS Device [App Roundup]

By default, iOS doesn’t provide much options to customize the device from the ground level. Obviously, you can change wallpaper and do some other tweaks on your new iOS device, but they look boring after few days if you want a fully customized iDevice.

Top Three Apps to Customize Jailbroken iOS Device

Today I am going to introduce three Cydia tweaks those will help you to customize little things on your iPhone so that you can get a whole new device. You know that Jailbreaking is a popular and very common terms among iOS users. We have been mentioning so many apps for Jailbroken iOS device to let you do something more than regular users.

These three apps will help you when you really need to personalize it as per your requirements. So, do check them out.



Generally, iOS lets you set still image as your wallpaper to save your battery life from draining out. However, if you want to set a GIF image as your wallpaper, here is a solution. Although, iOS doesn’t allow users to do so but a Jailbroken user can easily set GIF image as wallpaper by making use of GIFPaper. GIFPaper is a paid Cydia tweak, which is obtainable on BigBoss repository and available for iOS 7 as well as iOS 8.

You can choose a GIF image from Safari, URL, Local file or saved photos. This is also possible to set different image for Lockscreen and Home screen. On the other hand, you can change the GIF speed, blur, scaling mode etc. using this tweak.


This is yet another wallpaper changer, which is available for Jailbroken iOS devices. If you have used Windows 7, you might have seen that it can change wallpaper automatically. The same thing can be included in Jailbroken iOS device by making use of Wallmart. Wallmart is a free Jailbreak tweak, which is available in Cydia. You can set a bunch of wallpapers and rotate them automatically. This is possible to change the wallpaper of lock screen as well home screen.

Icon Masks


This is one of the best Jailbreak tweaks for them, who do not like the shape of icons. By utilizing Icon Masks, you can easily change the shape of the app icons on your app drawer. It comes with 38 different shapes as well as 88 masks. That implies it has a huge collection of icon packs. It comes with various shape names and they do what they say. For instance, you can select different shape such as Skull, Eye, Rocket, Tree, Sun, Heart and more others. If you choose Rocket, all the app icons will be converted into Rocket type of icons. This is very easy to use Icon Masks since this is a standalone Jailbreak tweak. You can use it from Select Theme panel.

P.S.: This is available in ModMyi repository.

Bottom Line

This is next to easiest task to use these aforementioned Jailbreak tweaks. Apart from GIFPaper, all the other two Jailbreak tweaks are available at free of cost.

At least, try them if you really want to personalize your iPhone.

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