Timyo: Free Email Client for iPhone and iPad

Although, iPhone and iPad has a very useful email app called Apple Mail some people do not want to use that client because of many reasons. Sometimes, they need more features when sometimes they just do not want to use the inbuilt app that their iPhone or iPad has. Therefore, to solve this problem here is a free email client for iPhone and iPad called Timyo.

Timyo: Free Email Client for iPhone and iPad

Timyo is a very light weight and useful email client for iOS devices. From the user interface to functionality – everything looks pretty good. It has several impressive features those are making this client even better. The motto of this email client is to set priority to each email so that you can manage them according to your need.


Although Timyo is not available in a wide range of language you can find it in English, French and Portuguese. On the other hand, Timyo requires iOS 8.0 or later version to be installing. For your information, it works smoothly on iOS 10. You can install Timyo on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch. It works without any problem on all of those pre-mentioned devices.

Talking about the features, you can find several useful functions in this email client called Timyo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suppose any other email except Google Mail and Office 365. However, if you have Outlook, iCloud or Yahoo mail, you will get the support very soon. Also, it has push notification. Therefore, there is no chance to miss any email. On the other hand, it can set priority or schedule your email that will show up when you need. On the contrary, you can also compose and schedule the email to set that at the predefined time.

To get started with Timyo email app for iOS, at first, download and install it on your iOS device. After opening, you can find a screen something like the following picture,

Timyo Email app for iOS start screen

As said before, you can either use Google Mail or Office 265. Choose one and enter your login credential to sign in to this email client. After signing in, you will get the following screen,

Timyo email interface

Here, you can find few options such as Inbox, Today, Later, Done, etc. Just like Inbox by Gmail, you can set those priorities while reading an email. This is also possible to set them by tapping and holding them from the above screen.

It comes with a couple of settings as well. For example, you can customize signature, notification, badge count, filters, sending an email and more. To get them, just tap on the options button and select Settings.

Timyo settings

So, this is what you need to know about Timyo email app for iPhone and iPad. Just download and give it a try.


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