Bixby Commands To Try On Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ And Note 8

Bixby is Samsung’s all new exclusive personal assistant based on Artificial Intelligence. It was introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus and was also added to the Galaxy Note 8 which was launched later. While some people criticized Bixby for its lack of accuracy and contextual awareness, it is actually better than Google Assistant and Siri in some ways.

While both Google Assistant and Siri excel in performing online tasks like, searching the web, even performing simple tasks like sending a voice message or setting an alarm, Bixby is designed to help you perform deep system level tasks like walking through an app, performing in app tasks and changing a system setting all with only your voice.

The problem is not every Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or Note 8 users knows every possible command that works with Bixby and they do not have the time to explore them all. So, we have spent our time to put together a list of top 10 most useful Bixby commands so that you don’t have to.

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Top 10 Bixby Commands To Try On Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ And Note 8


Scroll using your voice

Did you know that you can command Bixby to scroll through webpages and system apps like phonebook and settings? It even works with 3rd party apps like Facebook, Twitter or even the Google Chrome browser.

This nifty little feature might particularly come in handy when you are busy with something else that you cannot use your hands to scroll your phone. All you have to do is to say ‘Hey Bixby Scroll down/up’ and it will take care of it for you.

You can also use similar commands like Scroll left or right to perform the respective actions. This might be useful when you are scrolling through photos on your Gallery or on Facebook.

Turn your screen off

You can also use Bixby to turn off your screen by issuing the voice command, Hey Bixby turn off the screen. This might be useful when you have set a longer screen off time and you want to turn it off immediately without having to reach for the power button.

Take Screenshot

You can ask Bixby to directly take a screenshot and share it with someone or save it your device with the command, Hi Bixby take a screenshot and send it to X.

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Switch between camera modes

Sometimes when you are using the camera you might have the perfect angle and everything else set right but just when you are about to press the button, you might want to switch from front camera to rear or from photo to video.

But you are worried that it might ruin the angle. Well, now you can just say, Hey Bixby switch to video mode or change the camera mode to video.

Set a timer for a picture

Group shots are always tricky and selfies might not always be the perfect choice as everyone might not fit in the frame. But now you can use Bixby to set a timer for you as soon as you are satisfied that everything is perfect. Just say Hey Bixby set the timer for the camera for X seconds.

Share pictures to Instagram

If you are someone who uses Instagram a lot, then you might find this interesting. You can use Bixby to post your latest images to Instagram for you. However, this command could currently be used only to post your most recent picture.

Just use the command, Hey Bixby, post my latest picture to Instagram. You can also split it by asking it to open the Instagram app first and then post the image.

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Add a new contact to your phonebook

Creating a new contact might be a boring task especially if you are about to create a lot of new ones. But now you can just say, Hey Bixby Create a new contact as XXX with number 1234 and you are good to go.

Decline calls and send replies while you are busy

Normally when you are driving or you are busy with something else and when you get a call, you have to stop what you are doing to decline it or swipe up to select your predefined custom message. Now, this task is as easy as uttering a few words like, Hey Bixby decline the call and send a message that I am busy and your device will now handle it for you.

Download and install apps from the Play Store

If you don’t want to manually open the Google Play store on your phone, search for an app, open it from the results and then select install every time you want to try something new, you can now just say, Hey Bixby, Download XXX from Playstore like download Whatsapp from Play store.

Read your Notifications

If you were busy during a particular part of day and your notification panel got piled up and you are too lazy to read every single one of them, you can command Bixby to read them individually for you by saying Hey Bixby read my notifications and it will begin dictating them to you.

So, what do you think about Samsung’s Bixby now? Do you still think that it doesn’t live up to the mark of Google Assistant or Siri or are you still not going to use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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