Top 3 Extensions for WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is a widely used chat app that is application of almost all mobile platforms. Nowadays, WhatsApp is heading to desktop as well and as a result, they have launched the browser version of WhatsApp. After getting acquired by Facebook, they have made several changes. The biggest update is now you do not have to pay any yearly fee to keep using WhatsApp after the one-year trial version.

Top 3 Extensions for WhatsApp for Android

Anyway, as WhatsApp is available for Android, you can also download some extensions. You know that extensions make the core tool even more powerful and useful. For example, a browser becomes more powerful when you will use some extensions. Just like that, you can also download some extensions for WhatsApp for Android. Although, the following extensions are not developed by the WhatsApp or Facebook, but you can certainly use them without any issue.

Beta Updater for WhatsApp

Beta updater for WhatsApp for Android

This is one of the best extensions for WhatsApp for Android and you can use this tool without rooting your device. However, Beta Update for WhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store. Instead, you have to download it from XDA Developers or GitHub, which is one of the most popular platforms for developers. Generally, WhatsApp releases beta edition to test various things before implementing that into the stable version. However, as a regular user uses the stable version, you cannot find the beta releases. But, if you use Beta Updater for WhatsApp app, you can easily update your WhatsApp to any beta version within moments.

Dashdow What App

Dashdow What App for Android

This is another awesome extension that helps users to get chat heads for WhatsApp messages. Chat heads is a common feature for Facebook Messenger that assists users to get the contact’s profile picture with the message that he or she recently sent to you. It helps to get the new message without opening the actual messenger app. But, as WhatsApp doesn’t have any such feature, you can easily get that by making use of Dashdow What App. This is a free application available for Android 4.0+. The most interesting thing is there is no need to root your device.

Password Protect WhatsApp

Generally, WhatsApp doesn’t come with any password protection. That means, if someone has your phone access, he or she can easily check your WhatsApp messages without any other permission. If you want to password protect your WhatsApp messages, here are some apps. There are many parental control apps to lock down WhatsApp but a dedicated WhatsApp lock is always better. You can use any one among these four apps.

Lock for WhatsApp

Lock for Whats Messenger


Messenger and Chat Block

All of them are available for free for Android and you can use them without any additional issue.


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