Top 3 New Features of iMessage for iOS 10

This is needless to mention that iOS 10 is about to be one of the best mobile platforms. Apple has unveiled their next version of iOS called iOS 10. As of now, only willing beta version users can install iOS 10 as the stable version is still under development. However, if you want to install or already installed iOS 10 on your iOS device, you might have got some new features in your mobile.

Apple has made several improvements in iOS 10 and its features. One of the notable enhancements is iMessage. Earlier, iOS devices had iMessage but will less features. Only text and images were possible to send to someone. However, now several things are going to be changed in this new edition of iMessage. If you often use iMessage on your iOS device, check out these new features of iMessage.


Per-person read receipt

This is probably the best update that iMessage has received. You know that read receipt helps the senders to know whether the recipient has read his/her message or not. Some popular instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. have already enabled read receipt. But, there is one problem. It doesn’t allow users to change the read receipt. In other words, it doesn’t have any option to allow or block read receipt for a particular person. Therefore, if you enable read receipt in WhatsApp, it will let all the senders know your status. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger has no option at all. Therefore, iMessage is going to allow you whether you want to let someone know about your reading status or not.


Nowadays, we send a lot of stickers and smiley to express our thinking and feeling. There is a lot of stickers available in almost all instant messengers including WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook Messenger. However, iMessage had no such option until iOS 9. Nonetheless, now you can get stickers in your keyboard that can be used in iMessage. Obviously, the stock is limited and this would be possible to install any third party stickers.

iMessage Apps

Although, this is not 100% clear but it seems Apple has included such an option that will assist users to use any other apps without even leaving the iMessage interface. Few couple of apps will be available for the iMessage for doing all those things. It includes you can share any content, edit images, play favorite games, send money and do more others. A picture-in-picture type window will be opened where you can do all the things what wish to do.

So, these are the top 3 updates that iMessage has received. More other things will be included with the stable version of iOS 10.


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