Top 4 New Features of tvOS 9.2 Beta

Along with, iOS 9.3 Beta, Apple has launched tvOS 9.2, which comes with loads of new features and improvements those will certainly upgrade your user experience within a few moments. You just need to upgrade your tvOS. Apart from that, there is nothing that needs to be done in order to get all those new features on your hand. If you have been using Apple TV for a long time, you will surely confront with some astonishing new features with tvOS 9.2.

However, here are top 4 new features of tvOS 9.2 those will certainly blow your mind. This is a major tvOS upgrade and hence, you will get some awesome features even when the earlier version was not bad at all. Anyway, let’s check out the best new features of tvOS 9.2.

New Features of tvOS 9.2 Beta

Apple TV

Bluetooth Keyboard Support

This is probably the best feature that Apple has included into tvOS 9.2. It means, you would be able to pair your Apple keyboard with Apple TV and do all the possible things. It also means, you can use Apple keyboard or any other Bluetooth/wireless keyboard to type all the text on Apple TV. Previously, it was quite difficult and time consuming task to enter text into Apple TV. However, now it has become the easiest task ever. For your information, this support will certainly replace the Remote app that is the only helper in this case if you have older version of tvOS. When you have an Apple keyboard, you won’t use Remote app. Will you?

Home screen App Personalization

On home screen, Apple TV shows various install applications. Earlier, it was unable to customize it according to the user’s needs. However, now this is possible to personalize all the apps if you want. If you have tvOS 9.2, you can create folder with multiple apps – just like iOS. This is another great feature that will help you to make a neat & clean home screen.

Apple Tv Remote

App Switcher

Here is what you were in need of. You will get an App Switcher just like iOS. Now, you can switch from one app to another app without any major problem. Previously, you had to close the current app and then open the new one. However, now this is possible to switch from one app to another without closing the current one. This is just same as iOS.


MapKit is yet another feature that will let you insert map data into various apps. For example, if an app needs your geolocation data to personalize the interface and show your better result, you can easily do that with the help of MapKit. According to Apple, MapKit will help the developers a lot.

So, what do you think about the tvOS 9.2 Beta? have your installed it or do you want to install after checking the new features’ list?

However, you should know that this is a beta version and you may get bug in this edition. On the other hand, there is no guarantee whether Apple will keep all these features in the stable version or not.

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