Top 5 Face ID Tricks For The iPhone X

iPhone X was launched a few months back by Apple and besides the all new design and the radical cameras, everyone was particularly amazed by the Face ID feature of the iPhone X. Unlike the older iPhones from Apple, this device does not have a physical touch ID button for unlocking your device and Apple has replaced it with a face detection sensor in an attempt to unlock the device quicker and also increase the display size.

While a lot of people are still feeling uncomfortable over losing the conventional fingerprint sensor and a few debates going over the privacy issues that the Face ID feature of the iPhone X could bring in, it is an undeniable fact that both the Face ID and the animojis are some of the most innovative things recently done by Apple. The Face ID by itself with the default settings is cool, however there are a few things you can do with that by tweaking a few settings to make it cooler and here are those.

Top 5 Face ID Tricks For iPhone X

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1. Enable Notification Previews On Lock Screen

Unlike Android devices, iOS devices generally do not show all your notifications on your lock screen. You would actually have to unlock your device and then pull down the notification shade to actually view and read all your notifications. But this is not the case with iOS 11 on the iPhone X.

With the new Face ID and Notifications preview feature on the iPhone X you can now set your device to show the notification preview on the lock screen as soon as it detects your face. To enable this feature, just head over to your settings app click on Notifications->Show Previews and then select the option, when unlocked. From now on as soon as you use Face ID to unlock your device all your notifications will be displayed on your lockscreen and you don’t have to swipe up and then go to the notification shade to look at them.

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2. Customize Face ID usage for Third party apps

Apart from unlocking your device, Face ID could also be used for secure and quick authentication of third party payment and bank apps. This is much secure than just using passwords for transaction and it is also more convenient instead of typing or remembering a lot of passwords for multiple apps and services.

You can either enable the usage of your Face ID for authentication by third party apps by modifying the default options in the settings app. Just go to Settings->Face ID & Passcode->Other apps. You can find the list of the apps installed on your device that supports Face ID authentication and you can either enable or disable them here.

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3. Enable Attention Aware Features

Attention aware is a nifty little feature which is more useful than it sounds. The motion detection sensor present on the front panel of the iPhone X automatically recognizes your presence and it will change the brightness of your screen or dim it accordingly.

This is particularly useful when certain activities are to be done without touching your phone like lowering the volume of your alarm when you look at your phone or make the display stay awake while you are reading something. To enable this feature open your settings app, navigate to the Face ID & Passcode settings, and then toggle the Attention aware features option at the bottom.

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4. Faster Recognition

By default your iPhone X is set to unlock using your Face ID only if it can detect your presence. This means that your device will unlock only if you are looking at it with your eyes open which is actually useful because it cannot be bypassed by using an image or a video of you. While this feature is necessary for making the unlocking process more secure, it might actually slow it down.

Also with the absence of the fingerprint sensor there is no alternate way to swiftly unlock your iPhone X, well unless you modify the following setting. Just head over to  Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Require Attention for Face ID and then disable the feature. From now on you can notice significant improvement in the unlock speed of your device but remember it comes with the cost of security.

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5. Purchase apps and fill passwords with Face ID

The Face ID on your iPhone X could also be used to perform other secure activities like authorizing payments when buying apps from the App Store, purchasing songs from iTunes, or even to fill your auto saved passwords in the Safari browser. To enable this feature just go to the settings app and under the Face ID & Passcode option just enable the ‘iTunes & App Store’ and the ‘Safari Autofill’ options and you will be good to go.

Let us know in the comments below what do you think about these Face ID tricks for iPhone X and also if you know any other tricks besides the ones mentioned above.

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