Top 5 New Features Coming To Instagram For Android and iOS

Instagram is currently the most popular media sharing social media app both on Android and iOS devices and it has more than a billion downloads across operating systems. Of late it has been adding a lot of new features some of them inspired from Facebook and some from its rival, Snapchat.

While a lot of these features are just a minor addition to the app like new stickers and slight changes in the UI, Instaram occasionally adds some interesting features and minor updates to the app. If you have signed up to the Instagram beta update program, then you might have got the chance to get your hands on some of the latest features before everyone else.

If you are not a beta tester, then you can join in the beta test program by clicking the link here. Once the process is complete, you will now receive more frequent updates than normal users and some of these updates might be unstable, so be aware before you sign up. Here are some of the new features that have been spotted in the beta version of Instagram app both on Android and iOS.

Top 5 New Features Coming To Instagram

Archive Stories:

As we all know, Instagram has been borrowing a lot of features from Snapchat like Disappearing statuses, private messages and images. The latest feature to be added to this list is the ability to archive your Instagram stories.

Previously the stories you share from your Instagram profile will automatically be removed after a day and there is no way to view it again unless you already took a screenshot of this. But even then it might get lost among your millions of other pictures.


So, with the new Archive stories feature you can now save your stories inside a separate folder and you can access them anytime from within the app.

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Close Friends List:

Close friends feature is something that has been in there in Facebook for a while where you can mark some people in your friend list as close friends and Facebook will be sending you notifications and alerts whenever those people post an update or share something.


This feature is now seems to be making its way to the Instagram app and was spotted in the beta version of the iOS app. Basically what this feature does is allows you to add your close friends to a list and you can use that list to share photos or videos or messages to a specific set of people.

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More Direct Share Options:

Previously when you want to share a image or a video from Instagram to a group of friends on some other social media or to friends who are not using Instagram, then you have to either take a screenshot and share it or copy the link.


A new update looks like this might become easier as Instagram has added a new Share to Whatsapp option to images and videos using which you can now directly share the media without having to go through multiple steps.

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New Regram Button:

A lot of people used to repost pictures on Instagram as a throwback or to remember a moment and unfortunately, that process is not as easy as in Instagram as it is in Facebook. You either have to download the image and then upload it again, or use some third party apps by copying the link of the post to reshare it.


However a new Instagram update is on the way to make things much simpler. Apparently Instagram is testing a new regram button which is placed near the like and comment buttons which is presumably a repost button and could be used repost your old images or videos in a single click.

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Trending Emojis and Hashtags:

Similar to Twitter and Facebook that displays the currently trending keywords and hashtags on a daily basis, Instagram might also add this feature to an upcoming version of its app. This feature was spotted on the iOS version of the app and there were two buttons inside the search field of the app named ‘Top Emojis’ and ‘Top Hashtags’.


These features might really come in handy for social media enthusiasts to know what is currently trending across Instagram and also for people who wants to get more impressions and likes on the posts they share by using the hashtags or emojis that are currently trending.

A lot of features mentioned in this list are currently spotted only in the iOS version of Instagram and some of them were only available in the beta version. So it is still uncertain when these features will make their appearance in the stable version or for Android users. If you are lucky enough to spot these on your device, be sure to let us know about them in the comments below.

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