Top 5 Tips and Trick of Vivaldi Web Browser

Although, the best version of Vivaldi was launched almost one year ago, but the developers have launched the stable version in the last month. The most interesting thing is you can download 32-bit version as well as 64-bit version of Vivaldi browser for Windows. Basically, it comes with so many great features those will certainly let you get rid of Google Chrome’s unwanted tracking. The interesting thing is you can download various Google Chrome extension for Vivaldi.

However, if you are new to Vivaldi and want to get more out of this browser, just read on. Here are some of the best tips and trick of Vivaldi web browser those may help you to use it in a different way.

Get Bookmarks in Sidebar

Access bookmark from the sidebar

Long time ago, Firefox has an extension that helped users to get all the bookmarks in the sidebar. Quite same feature is included in this browser that will let you check and use your bookmarks right from the sidebar. The sidebar of Vivaldi is pretty useful as it features bookmarks, downloads, notes etc. However, to get bookmarks, at first, you have to unhide the sidebar. For that, just click on the button that is visible on the bottom left corner. Following that, you will get the bookmark button in the sidebar.

Change Default Search Engine

Change search engine in Vivaldi

By default, Vivaldi has Bing search engine. However, if you want to use something else like DuckDuckGo or anything else, you may have to follow this guide. The best part is you can add your own search engine as the default. To do so, click on Vivaldi logo, go to Tools >> Settings. Here you can find Search section. Switch to that and select a search engine that you want to use as default search engine.

Ask Websites Not to Track You

Privacy settings of vivaldi

Generally, all the websites track their visitors. They track the location, browser, operating system and some other things. Therefore, if you want to browse the internet anonymously and don’t want to be tracked, here is a trick. You have to utilize the in-built options to get things done. Therefore, open settings. For that, just press Alt + P. Here you can find Privacy settings. Go to that section and make a tick in the corresponding checkbox that is labelled Ask Websites Not to Track Me.

Change Startup Page

Select startup page in Vivaldi

Suppose, you want to open a particular page when opening the Vivaldi browser for the first time or any time after closing. Or, suppose, you want to open the homepage automatically after opening the browser. Therefore, just go to Startup Settings of your Vivaldi browser. Here, you can find four options under Startup with. Just select one and follow the following options in order to set things up.

Edit Mouse Gestures

Use mouse gestures in vivaldi

This is one of the most interesting things of Vivaldi web browser. You can do various things using mouse gestures and without even using the keyboard shortcut. Previously, it was not possible to edit those mouse gestures. However, the latest update has implemented the ability to edit mouse gestures. To do so, open Mouse Settings, select one gesture, click on the Edit button and select another unique gesture.

There are many other useful tricks what will upgrade your experience but these are the things what may help all kind of users.

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