How to Track and Recover Your Lost or Stolen Android

Smart phones are costly pet and you always cherish it to be with you all the time but chances of loosing the same are high as you have go to your office, attain friends birthdays, shop daily necessities and others. Accidents happen. When you find that your Android phone is missing from your pocket or from your office bag, everything just blacks out for that moment. It’s a horrendous feeling. Moreover, you have not only lost your precious device but also your Contacts, memos, Call lists, Texts and most importantly your access to block them from unauthorised use.

The Good news is that all hopes are not lost. Thankfully, there are ways to track and recover your Android device even with the person who has stolen it from you. I am going to show you some really useful Android Apps and how to track and recover your Android phone using them.

1. Lookout Security & Antivirus

lookout- security-and-antivirus-android-app


Lookout Security & Antivirus is one among the popular Android apps which offers some basic but handy features. This well equipped mobile antivirus not only protects your Android from malware but also helps you to keep a track of it when it is lost or stolen. If you have installed this app on your Android Smartphone before it gets stolen, you can find your device on Google Maps instantly from Just sign in and start tracking. Added to this you can also sound a loud alarm or make your phone scream even if it is silent, locate it even if your battery is dying and most importantly, you can remotely lock your phone from to prevent unauthorized use.




Still if you think that your classified data is unprotected, just wipe it from the device through for a 100% assurance that no one will have the access to it. Simply take a back-up previously and restore the data later from Lookout. For a full fledged protection will have to upgrade to Lookout Premium for a mere $2.99/month which also includes a two-week trial of Lookout Premium at no cost.

2. Norton Security & Antivirus


Norton Security & Antivirus Android app features the same kind of functionality like Lookout but there are also some major differences which makes it a little-bit better among the two. The Web based security management of this App enables its users to protect and control multiple Android devices from a single platform. Users can track their stolen devices on a map with its remote locator and the best among the features it offers is that your device gets locked immediately after the SIM card is removed.

Back up your mobile contacts in Norton and restore them later across your other devices which are linked with it. It costs $29.99 to get the full version of Norton Mobile Security. Norton already has branded its name on the desktop security arena. Now it’s making its mark on mobile security market by this Android app which can surely top the list for the bunch of features it offers within a single package.

3. Plan B : When plan A fails


Consider the situation when you have lost your Android phone and you have not installed any security app previously on the device for tracking or recovering it. So, all roads are blocked to get it back? Do not lose your hope. Plan B is such an Android app which you can install after loosing your phone, remotely. Sounds nice?

This smart app has an array of features to offer that you can apply and the most important is that this app does all these remotely supporting the fact that your phone is way beyond you. When you install the app on your phone it will start automatically and it will send your phone’s location using GPS and cell towers to your Gmail account previously linked with this phone. If your phone’s GPS is off it will turn it on (for some selected Android phones). You will get your phone’s astonishingly accurate locations update within a couple of meters range after every 10 minutes in your Gmail.

You can even manually start this process by sending a text “locate” from any other phone. Every time you will receive an email when your phone is located. Moreover if you are in U.S do not worry if your phone’s data connection is off or unavailable. If this happens Plan B will send your phone’s location using regular mobile SMS to you.

These are some performing smart Android apps which will surely help you get back your beloved digital assistant. Personally I will advise you to be prepared before this accident happens.

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