Transform Your Gmail Inbox to a To-Do List with

Do you get a lot of tasks to be done over email? Like most of the people, you forget to revert back to the emails you get, right?

Then, I have got a tool to rescue you from such an awkward situation. I know there are tons of to-do list apps you can download for any platform be it Android, iOS, Windows or Mac. But what does is something unique.

Transform Your Gmail Inbox to a To-Do List with

What does is something unique. In any other to-do list app, you have to access the web version or the application and add your tasks manually.

What if you forget to add tasks there? Chances are you even forget to get it done in time, right?

That’s why two students came up thought of this idea and fulfilled it as soon as they came out of college. uses Google Drive as a channel to store and sync your details with. The free version is more than enough for your daily tasks. In case you need third-party apps support, you have to purchase the premium plan for $9 per month. Considering the ROI, it’s a cheap price I would say.

After setting up your account (Chrome, Android, iOS versions are available), changes the interface of your Gmail inbox. What you see after the setup is a Trello-like interface. But they allow you to use either GTD or Kanban boards as the interface style.

You can open the emails right away just like you use the default Gmail. But adds a bunch of pains to manage the task in the email. You can drag the mail to any of the available panes to make the workflow easier.

You can add checkboxes as well. In order to create a new pane, you have to click on the plus icon on the right-top corner of the screen. It lets you give any name you like. considers your emails as a task. If you are a person who gets a number of emails daily with whole set of jobs, you will find helpful. And, I am sure you will not care spending a few dimes to get an amazing to-do list app, will you?

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got an overview of the app I shared.

If you want more info, you can check their website.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Still can’t decide between this one and, it’s also a nice tool for Gmail task management.


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