Translate PDF Files and Office Documents with Google Translate

You have just bought a digital camera or a new laptop but the problem is that the help manual which comes with the camera is written in Chinese. You live in US and want to translate a PDF document to your own language, without having to learn the language yourself or search for translated copies o the same manual of document elsewhere on the Internet.

There are many such situations when you might want to translate a document from one language to another. Say you have just received a company proposal from a client who lives in a Non English speaking nation. The client has forwarded a lot of details regarding his order but the problem is that the details are in a different language, which needs translation. You don’t want to copy paste the content of the document and translate it using any PDF or Word translation software.

Instead, you are looking for a simple tool which will allow you to upload the document to the web translate a PDF or Word document online.

Here are some options to consider:

Using Google Docs For Document Translation

Google Translate can be used to translate PDF and office Documents from any International languages to your own native language. All you have to do is paste the URL of the document in the Google Translation box and hit the “Translate” button. The document in question will be translated to your target language and since Google Translate first converts the PDF document into HTML format, you can even save the translated version of the document on your computer as a webpage or archive it online for future reading.


In case the source document is sent as a Gmail attachment or it is residing in your computer’s hard drive, you have to find a free file hosting service where you can upload the document and get the public link. One way to upload your Gmail attachments or the Microsoft Word document stored on your computer is to go to Google Docs, sign in with your Google account and upload the source document using he web uploader or by using Google Docs desktop tools

In case you want to translate Wikipedia pages, check out WikiBhasha. The site offers a very useful bookmarklet which can be used to edit Wikipedia pages in your own language and publish them for public use. As far as Google translate and Google Docs is concerned, both the services work like a charm. I tested the feature and successfully translated an English document into Hindi, which is my national language.

Here are some more tips with online document translation:

1. How to translate documents in Google Docs
2. Text to speech conversion of translated text using Google Translate

Unlike inline language Translation of Google Translate for webpages, I have observed that the translated versions of Google Translate are sometimes more accurate and easier to read, don’t know the actual reason though.


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